I was born in 1961 and by the time we finally settled in Minneapolis I had lived in:
Dayton, OH
Tulsa, OK
St. Louis, MO
Minneapolis, MN (First time)
Atlanta, GA

My career path has been this:

First Employer: Print Shop Assistant, Print Shop Supervisor, Graphics Buyer, Senior Graphics Buyer.
(Also six years in the USAR as a press operator. Press from above! :)

Second Employer: Print Buyer, Senior Buyer, Purchasing Supervisor/System Administrator.

Third Employer: Systems Manager, MIS Manager, Director, IT Infrastructure.

Currently: Trying to get a start-up banner company going that uses the web and technology to make it easy and affordable for people to design personalized printed fabrics for special events:

Now I live in a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis with my Black Lab Samantha and a lot of clutter.

Contact: devers at mcg dot net or dave at keepsilks dot com


Fishing, obviously. Lately I have gotten into vegetable gardening, with mixed success so far. I love works about history, American and otherwise, cooking good food and accompanying that with some good drink, if you know what I mean. I love a good political debate when people of different perspectives, but good will, talk in good faith. Er, or I mostly miss that.